Wednesday, November 19, 2008

not so secret service

President elect Obama has a new nickname.  He's "Renegade" when the secret service is talking about him on their fancy walkie talkie ear phones.  This was all over the news yesterday.  His code name is Renegade so that no one will know who they're talking about....unless they happen to read or watch tv.  They also have given R nicknames to the rest of his family just to further confuse the bad guys.

Wouldn't the secret service be better off keeping the code names in code?  I'd also think you'd name one guy Renegade and his wife Spatula or Hulk Hogan... just so there was no confusion.  I'd like to think you'd want each family member to have a very different code name and that would avoid any national security situations.  You'd hate to put his daughter on Air Force One because you forgot that he was Renegade and she was Radiance.

Because I've finally decided to not run for the office I'm going to go ahead and let you in on the Murphy family code names.

I, of course, would have been known as "Sags".  Annie would be "Coccia House".  Cooper would be "Coop De Ville", Parker would be "Parkin Link" and Griffin would be "Captain Von Scooberstein"

We're still working on an Aunt Peggy name...


  1. Sister Mary Marvelous?

    just an idea...

  2. What I would give for a delicious slice of Coccia House pizza!

  3. Anonymous7:45 PM

    This was news in June. Sorry.

    My favorite was Cindy McCain's "Parasol" to Michele Obama"s "Renaissance".

  4. I'm trying to figure out why you're apologizing anonymous? This was a story in USA Today and on AOL news on don't feel bad..I guess? Maybe I'm missing your point here?

  5. You're living in the past, "Sags".