Wednesday, June 08, 2011


A few notes from our recent staycation:
-Genius idea to get those passes to the King's Island (side note: not really an island...saw no king)
-Good idea to get those Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden passes
Coop flying at the King's Island
-Scheduling something for every single morning and every single night was dumb
-We celebrated Parker's 5th birthday and Annie's as well...not fifth...
Mist tunnel at the Zoo is genius
-Annie and I took six weeks of Foster/Adoption classes in three days (we're super smart)
-Several baseball games were watched
-We enjoyed another awesome night at Prasco Park with free Chick Fil-A, ice cream, t-shirts and more Chick Fil-A

free ice cream, baseball, chick fil-a, and family night out

-We hung out with a lot of great friends
-We cured cancer
-No animals were harmed during the entire staycation (unless you count those delicious chickens that gave up their lives so that the good people at the baseball game could enjoy them)


  1. favorite line:
    side note: not really an island...saw no king
    you make everything funny, murph.
    happy summer to you and the fam!

  2. i was the only guy in nyc to sport a chic-fil-a shirt on sunday. all were jealous

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