Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm being asked to work all this week.  Next week too!
I know.
A couple of quick facts
1.  Today is April the 20th
2.  The Wedding of the Century is April the 29th.
3.  That's single digits
4.  I know that four facts is not a couple of facts, but sometimes I just keep typing...

How am I supposed to work while so much needs to be done in preparation for the wedding?
How am I expected to feed and care for my children when we're moments from the single greatest event of our lifetime?

This is a guy that was born into a family.  This is a girl that is marrying a guy that was born into a family.  This is an historic occasion of two people who have accomplished so much coming together as one.

If people don't see that as a reason to close the post offices, schools, swimming pools and all Dave & Busters - well this isn't the America that I was born into!

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