Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Big Screen

I'm off to work and then to play.  I had Thursday and Friday off, went and made crafts and wrapped presents at a group home on Saturday, and then had Monday and Tuesday off.  Basically I've been out of the office for a while.  That means 100+ electronic mail messages and voice mails.  Jealous?

Then I'm off to make movie magic.  I say things like, "when are we filming?" and am told that we're not shooting with film...  So then I say, "when are we taping?" and apparently we don't use tape either...I'm dumb.
We're using some sort of magical digital camera that captures the sights and sounds of what will soon be
The ReGifter (coming to a theater near you....assuming you live near the Vineyard in Tri-County). 

This year there will be six shows.  And by shows I mean plays...but with video...actually a lot of video.  Brad would call it a mashup of film and live theater.  I'm never sure what mashup means so I just nod, smile and make some remark about his capri pants. 

Each of the six shows will be ticketed and you can reserve seats here.  The tickets are free so you can think of it as a buy one get one free sale and you've got a coupon for a free ticket which makes them both free...and you can actually get as many as you want...so it's like you've got a lot of coupons. 

Why would you have a coupon for a play? 


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  1. At least you spelled "mashup" correctly, unlike the postcard.